Some of you may know that I have recently set my foot to Bangkok for the very first time. But first impression matters!

This city will bring any shopaholic down to their knees. 

The range of products are just massive. My missus had so much fun here 😄 The price is ranging from ‘How the hell they make profits with that price’ to ‘Geez it doesn’t make sense to pay that much even if i make big bucks’. 




For food lovers, this city is an absolute HEAVEN. I gained at least 5kgs for less than a week. Oh boy!!! 😲 But seriously… there’s so much varieties of foods to choose from. I ate so much and tried different sorts of local delicatessens and desserts. Some are not my cuppa, but most are bloody good. 

Then the highlight was Chinatown. This is where the narrow streets being used as food stalls, food path and as the main function… the street for motor vehicle. And when the sun sets, the neon signs are guaranteed to decorate the buildings with people flooding the streets.

The sound of the clanking cooking tools, the buzzing stove fire, the workers talking loudly to each others, the passing vehicles not to mention the horn, the scents that keep on changing as you passing different food stalls, the dazzling red neon boxes, the warm humid night. And if your taste bud is adventurous enough, try to feel the punch of flavours from the foods you’re passing. 

There’s this chaotic vibe to be in the middle of it, which then lead me to think ‘how do i bring this experiences into photographs’. 







I had fun playing around with colourful lights (it’s actually mainly red 😊), long exposure, various people doing different activities, there’s absolutely so much potential here. I will share my tips on a separate blogs within the next days. So stay tuned. 



To sum it up… Bangkok really manipulates your senses. In a good way off course.
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