5 Tips for Street Photography

Hey Guys!    On this blog session, I’m giving you tips around street photography so you go out there and shoot like a pro.    While some tips are applicable to most photography genres, this will be delivered to you from the street photography perspective.    1. INTERACT WITH THE SUBJECT Street photography is about […]

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Some of you may know that I have recently set my foot to Bangkok for the very first time. But first impression matters!   This city will bring any shopaholic down to their knees.    The range of products are just massive. My missus had so much fun here 😄 The price is ranging from […]

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Sunrise from Ivor Rowe rock pool

After a few weeks not kissing the ocean Good Morning, I was finally back to the ‘sunrise by the ocean’ ritual yesterday morning at Ivor Rowe rock pool in Sydney’s eastern suburb of Coogee. What a feeling. Yay!!! Ideally, before I start to wander in the dark at a new location, I’d prefer to check […]

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One fine morning at National Falls

One Saturday morning, I met up with my mate Alan from Sydney Wild Swimming Adventures at the National Falls who introduced me to this beautiful spot. Make sure to check his page for a great adventure content 🙂 According to Mr.Google, it’s located 47kms south of Sydney, and just over an hour travel time.  The […]

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