One fine morning at National Falls

One Saturday morning, I met up with my mate Alan from Sydney Wild Swimming Adventures at the National Falls who introduced me to this beautiful spot. Make sure to check his page for a great adventure content 🙂

According to Mr.Google, it’s located 47kms south of Sydney, and just over an hour travel time. 
The top falls are easily accessible with the designated path. Literally one of the easiest falls to access around Sydney. This will suit sightseeing visitors including family. 

If you are feeling more adventurous, there’s a ‘hidden’ access to another bigger falls below it, where you can walk through the cave behind the falls. How awesome is that!!! 😄


If you’d like to know more… I’d suggest you to run the following checklist;


Although it is not too far away from the main road, navigating through the unmarked bush land could easily make you lose direction. Please expect no phone reception here. I strongly suggest you to bring a personal gps and locator beacon especially if you’re heading there as a first timer. You could never be too safe. 


OK… so we’re going to the bush, not the shopping mall. Please have an appropriate pants to cover you from leeches and other insects. Wear comfortable shoes, preferably a waterproof hiking shoes. We don’t need that memory of you slip on the path or having blisters on your foot. 


One other thing that I cannot emphasize enough is Don’t be a tosser. Take all your rubbish with you! Nothing more upsetting than seeing rubbish on a beautiful scenery.

If you’re agreed with the above then read on!


To access the ‘hidden’ pathway from the parking area, keep walking further east on the road level. Pay attention to the bush land behind the road barrier. After around 100m, you should see the path that lead you down. Please note that this part may be covered in leafs and mud after some wet days. Therefore may not be very visible. 

This will lead you to a slightly steep uneven rock steps. The steps were covered in soil when I went and can be slippery. 

Keep going forward through the bush land. When you see the falls on your right, the cave just around the corner.

Please explore responsibly. Always let some people know where you’re going and when you’ll return. 
Trust your instinct! When your gut feeling tells you it’s unsafe, most probably it is. 

Have fun and keep Australia beautiful! 😄

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