Sunrise from Ivor Rowe rock pool

After a few weeks not kissing the ocean Good Morning, I was finally back to the ‘sunrise by the ocean’ ritual yesterday morning at Ivor Rowe rock pool in Sydney’s eastern suburb of Coogee. What a feeling. Yay!!!

Ideally, before I start to wander in the dark at a new location, I’d prefer to check the location during the daylight hours to identify any potential safety obstacles that may be hard to pick up in the dark. As my research suggesting that this location is considerably low risk so long as I proceed with caution, so I just popped in at 5.15am without any pre visit.

Access is extremely easy. Plenty of street parkings available nearby. As this area is mainly residential with some narrow streets, I’d suggest to keep the noise to the minimum if you’re coming at early hours. Staircase access down to the pool is via Bunya Parade.

As I was walking down the steps, I saw a sign on my left ‘2 deaths in this area’. Yep… good reminder to not being part of the statistics.

There’s part near the pool that looked really nice with the greens from the moss and layered rocks with water flowing as the waves hit. I could picture it as the foreground and mix it with the sunrise sky as the background. But the rocky path was so slippery, I almost trip over before I even get close. Plus the water could literally flow in at the camera level. Then I said to myself.. nah… not worth the risk.

Well… As much as tried to avoid getting wet, I had to cope the water to the waist level when the water splashed on to the rock where I was standing. Err.. yep.. the shoes were soaking wet and cold.

I’ve included some photos below. Please check and follow my Instagram @red_imagination_photography for the higher dose of daily photos 🙂 Drop me a line if you have any questions about photography.

Have fun and keep Australia beautiful! 😄






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